The Sims 2 Own / Want List

Username Comments
maddimck None
HaHaHannah I Recommend you Get This. Its My Favourite Game! Soo Far!
Paper Fox None
sponge72 None
Marooned Chic None
Roxi None
koutsiog None
Glitter_Dragonfly None
Miranda None
kalika_aryn None
Sakura None
Princess Carmipoo None
inuyasha_freak222 It's fun until you get to a certian point.
jbh None
unioncheerchick1 None
ssmdb2 None
Grenade21 None
Nkiller None
Sasukelover9493 None
wii boy cant wait is a month old
Wrongmouse None
rscrazy123 None
PokeyMokey9 yeah
Kittens4ever GREAT U MUST GET IT!!
stargirl None
asXtt23 None
Lil AC None
thinkpinkdaisy None
tyl1521 good intill you reach a certain point
Lg None
undineprincess None
nightmare None
wswipez22 None
jenni71096 None
Mark Robertson A Really Good Game!
Smoothmaker21 None
HarvestMoonRox103 None
Scarlet Chocobo None
super steve None
Fuzzychan223 None
flamingtunapictures okay
Sapphiryeon Cool
King Kronk90 None
Xx_Roro_xX fun but u can only play it once coz wen u start a new 1 it gets rly rly rly boring
lowgravity65 ****
JoannaDavies this is really good you complete goals
ItachisLoyalServant None
zeldarulez None
georgiagal None