Control a cast of characters and tell your own stories in The Sims 2. Create your Sims, give them personalities, and see what trouble they get themselves into. Directly control every move they make, customize their world, build their homes, create their food, and design their fashions! Guide them in their careers and fulfill their aspirations as you build their social network and avoid their enemies. Savor the peaks of pleasure and witness the trials of pain in your Sims' lives. How will you play with life?


The Sims 2 comes to the PSP handheld entertainment system, Nintendo DS, and Game Boy Advance bringing with it all the addictive, open-ended gameplay of the fastest-selling PC game of all time. Featuring a unique storyline for each platform, The Sims 2 lets you create, customize, and control different neighborhoods as you delve into the mysteries of Stangetown and strive to uncover its secrets. Mind your Sim's Sanity Meter to save them from a nervous breakdown and connect with other players to trade secrets and play head-to-head mini-games. With The Sims 2 for handheld, now you can take it with you everywhere.


  • Create your world and live in it how you choose. Open ended gameplay allows for endless fun in a completely 3D world!
  • Make some friends to socialize with! Cheer them up, calm them down - or give them a shoulder to cry on!
  • Be aware of what time it is because the Nintendo DS Internal Clock dictates the date and time of day in the game. Depending on when you are playing will affect who you can socialize with and what you can do.
  • Create in game objects like music utilizing the built in Nintendo DS microphone and paintings with the touch screen - and trade them with friends via the Nintendo DS wireless link.
  • Max out your Nintendo DS with seven all new touch screen activities.

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This remains one of the greatest DS games I have ever played. I love it to bits! TheSims2 DS
Good appearance, some new features, and various exclusive items. Recommendable to say the least. TheSims2 PS2
Easily my favorite game... unbeatably spectacular... the real deal. TheSims2 Mac
The real deal... unbeatably splendid. TheSims2 Mac
The absolute best of the best, one of the originals... better than The Sims 3 in opinion. Still my favorite game of all time. Perfection. TheSims2 Mac
Not too fond of the storyline or graphics, but good for its time, definitely a worthy and vital part of any The Sims timeline. TheSims2 DS
A true original, formally fantastic, the real deal... by far my absolute favorite game. TheSims2 Mac
A true original... formally fantastic... the real thing... nothing else really to say. TheSims2 Mac
A good early console spin off of The Sims 2. TheSims2 DS
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