Ech0ez's The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Review

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Insanity Prevails Jan 3, 10
That's a nice review of Spirit Tracks and you've nailed a lot of what I would agree with. I think you're giving too much praise to that train though. I certainly would not consider it better than the boats of WW and PH. Direct route travelling and better warp systems make travelling around in them less of a chore. But it's your opinion I guess.

The one thing I will say is that you've overkilled the story section of your review. Providing a summary of the backstory is fine but you've given a full detailed breakdown of the prologue spanning several paragraphs. Too factual and too much. Keep it brief and let the player discover all the intricate details themselves.
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Ech0ez Jan 6, 10
Direct route travelling was irrelevent in Wind Waker because of the sheer size of the Great Sea. Although the warp points I do agree with. Looking back I think in the initial hype I did praise the train a bit too much.

And yeah, I thought I went a bit overkill on the story. I was going to cut a fair bit of it out originally, but couldn't really cut it to a point I was happy with. Condencing my writing is a rather large weak spot for me, whether it be reviewing, writing articles, ect. I just fail at failing to over-elaborate XD