The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Completed

Username Completion Date Achievements
Trev_GFC Jan 4, 2011 None
VinnyVideo Nov 16, 2009 Beat Bellum. Missed three Heart Containers, a few Wisdom/Courage Gems, and several Ship Parts, but still got enough to get my ship's stamina to six.
ZekromFusionBolt524 Nov 13, 2009 None
Anastrianna Aug 7, 2009 I finished it on my birthday because I was determined.
Cheat_test Jun 8, 2009 I finally found the last ship part I was missing! The Golden Wheel. I have 100% beaten this game.
ShadowNc May 26, 2009 None
WereJackal Mar 22, 2009 None
WangChung Jan 1, 2009 None
Lukaeu Jul 1, 2008 None
SerialZero Jun 13, 2008 None
Lesley Pro_04 Jan 8, 2008 Overall the gameplay was solid, but I found using the stylus for movement, attacks, and (especially) drawing shapes and maps to be akward at first, but I got used to it. Call it a "learning curve" for someone who is used to movement via a control pad and actions with the multiple buttons. I'll have more on that later. I thought the graphics were great, especially for the DS--this game showed us the potential that 3D graphics possess with this handheld. Expect more games with solid 3D graphics in the near future, but that's just me. As for improving the gameplay, I would take the action markings andn put them out of the way on the Touch Screen because I've had more than a few occassions where an action-such as a menu or the weapon slot get in the way, throwing off what I'm trying to get done. I'd like to see a sequel to this, possibly a retconning of [i]Link's Awakening[/i] and/or a follow-up game to [i]Awakening[/i]. Something to keep the current storyline going, but that's what I would like to see sometime in the near future.
ShinyMilotic Jan 5, 2008 None
elykcam_33 Jan 4, 2008 18 power gems 17 courage gems 13 wisdom gems sordmans scroll
Insanity Prevails Jan 1, 2008 Completed the main quest and powered up all fairies once.
Andy Jan 1, 2008 - Completed all levels.
FamousLivingDead Jan 1, 2008 I Just completed this game took me a while I would have to admit, this was my first zelda game
SuperKrauser Jan 1, 2008 i have beat it with all side-quests completed.
Craftyboy Jan 1, 2008 None
Cupcake86 Jan 1, 2008 its a really good game, somewhat hard , but i managed to beat it.
Phi Jan 1, 2008 None
pikapika22 Dec 31, 2007 Ive got all hearts(the arrow game sucked) and have 20 of power,courage,and wisdom gems. And i have every boat peice exept the golden parts
RitoRoc Dec 29, 2007 None
Kaid Dec 28, 2007 Completed Main Story. Got all power gems, wisdom gems and bravery gems. Got most ship parts. Completed all Side Quests. Got the max. upgrades for Bow, Bombs and the mice bombs (I forgot that name). Got 9999 ruppees! OMG Got all Heart Contairners. Client VIP at Beedle's Store
Rune14 Dec 28, 2007 None
SoraMew Dec 24, 2007 None
KrazyKain Dec 16, 2007 None
Hrvstmn Dec 13, 2007 None
greenleech133 Dec 9, 2007 None
ar_cat Dec 1, 2007 None
Princess Midna Dec 1, 2007 I have almost all the sand All the gemstones And i am missing 2 hearts :(
sylvarian Oct 15, 2007 None
lucario13 Oct 12, 2007 beated the last boss with 12 hearts left
clonesniper666 Oct 8, 2007 if you can call it complete got all 16 hearts the great spin attack all level 2 spirits( so 2 gems of each type) got all ship parts and got all treasures
tatemandue2 Oct 7, 2007 caught every fish including stowfish and neptoona 17 wisdom 17 courage 20 power gems every heart container
jdavies2 Oct 3, 2007 None
Jesh Oct 1, 2007 Did main story, not all sidequests.
pikminfreako5 Jan 1, 2007 ?????
zelda_link No completion date None
Chaos Seraph No completion date None
BlasterMage No completion date None
Joshua Mackley No completion date None
TheBloodyClawofElena No completion date None
Kingshade No completion date Great, beat adventure, got all golden parts and got A ranking on wifi, very fun
Michaeldsuarez No completion date None
marioman No completion date Cool ship all islands
zam man5 No completion date well, umm adventure mode complete. Battle mode: 78 wins 43 losses
Sonic Flash No completion date None
Murray3 No completion date None
Archangel No completion date None
Sonic_2 No completion date None