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The Dark Spire Reviews

website score publish date article quality
IGN DS 8.0/10 Apr 16 '09
Nintendo World Report 7.5/10 Jun 12 '09  --- May 02 '09
Unlimited Zig Works 6/7 Aug 20 '11
Zentendo 8/10 May 08 '09
Destructoid 7.5/10 Apr 14 '09
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The Dark Spire Previews

website publish date article rating
IGN DS Jan 27 '09
Destructoid Feb 04 '09
Games Radar Feb 03 '09
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Quoted from The Dark Spire Reviews:
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"If you were born in the eighties (or did your retro homework), you may have have fond memories of a little Commodore 64 game by the name of Wizardry. I was only four years old when it came out, b..."
"Have you ever longed to get back to your role-playing roots? No, I'm not talking about popping in Final Fantasy VII into your PS3 for an afternoon of nostalgia. Go back, way back. We're talking e..."
"Role-playing games have come a long way since their inception in videogame-dom. The big franchises almost all sport immersive 3D worlds, iconic and developed characters, and cinematic cut-scenes. But what if you didn’t want all that — the toned-down level of challenge, the movie sequences that spell out what you’d prefer to just imagine, the androgynous protagonists? ..."
"The Dark Spire certainly pays homage to its legendary predecessor Wizardry, but its wicked sense of humor and creepy atmosphere lend the adventure a personality all its own. This is an artistic, engrossing RPG that achieves immersion via intense exploration, puzzle-solving, and surprisingly addictive level-grinding."
"All in all, I found The Dark Spire to be very engrossing and enjoyable. Having no real prior experience with Dungeons and Dragons myself I found the game difficult, but not annoying. While it can be frustrating sometimes when you run out of magic and potions in the middle of a big labyrinth, running away from enemies is not too hard as you make a mad dash for the inn beyond the dungeon exit. I found the character and party customization really awesome; it made me more attached to these characters I created myself (rather than just leading some angsty teenage RPG stereotypes through their various adventures). This game does demand a certain level of grinding though; that is, if you want your characters to be able to do enough damage to kill things, or have enough spell points to keep your party healthy as you traverse the many dungeon floors. I also must give kudos for the artwork, as it carries a very western, old-school comic-book feel that is quite a change from the very anime-oriented artwork of today's modern RPG's."