New Super Mario Bros. Own / Want List

Username Comments
Klope62 None
TestamentX2 None
orez YAY! Italian Plumber! =D
Vegeta dude None
Red Nightmare None
DTX A new DS SAGAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Darkmega I need it!
Celes Leonhart None
Zhou Tai Rocks None
Manectric Master None
sllllotb None
willo10 None
unknown peace None
Clyde1998 Looks Good
Ominous Wind None
LexFi 08 None
CGalano None
LisNOTreal2401 None
ngardner None
thetruegamer78 None
dragonking01 None
TailsPrower25 None
dracarius01 None
gafferya None
luigigirl1995 None
Sunshine Star None
NintendoAlert Probably one of the only DS games you can play over and over again. I've had this one before and I want it again!
charnite None
Wman123456 None
ThFc66921 None
D_O_G87 None
Shadowvers None
sailordragon7 None
tropicaldolphin51 None