New Super Mario Bros. Completed

Username Completion Date Achievements
mwfblue Dec 25, 2011 None
NinPower Jun 6, 2011 None
Trev_GFC Apr 21, 2011 None
bob1953 Mar 3, 2011 None
skoliro Jan 1, 2011 None
Triforce of Wisdom Oct 12, 2010 None
Bubby68 Jan 1, 2010 None
Fred Invisible Jan 1, 2010 3 stars
Pop3464 Jan 1, 2010 None
gonzab Nov 1, 2009 None
ShadowNc Sep 18, 2009 Got all star coins spent. Mastered at 1:00 A.M.
maggma99 Jan 18, 2009 i dont know.
Zancho_Red Jan 18, 2009 None
keithend Jan 1, 2009 None
B dizzle Jan 1, 2009 None
J8W Jan 1, 2009 None
Thunder850 Dec 31, 2008 Beat it, got bored of it, but it still is awesome.
Spriter Neb Feb 18, 2008 completed adventure. Used AR to gain and use all Star Coins.
pwns_all Jan 1, 2008 was'ent to intrested to complete it but i lost all the data when i completed it so i used the actionreplay to restore it. ps i dont use my actionreplay often unless i get board or really stuck.
rjavig Jan 1, 2008 None
spector234 May 14, 2007 None
GameGirrl34 Apr 1, 2007 None
SuperKrauser Apr 1, 2007 I have found all coins and have a 3 star rank on all files.
WangChung Mar 2, 2007 None
xeyex Feb 1, 2007 i beat it 4 times
ninjasan8 Jan 1, 2007 Beat the game with all coins, and three save file stars.
mariogamer_64 Jan 1, 2007 None
tatemandue2 Jan 1, 2007 collected every star coin,beat every level, beat it at least 3 times
sponge72 Jan 1, 2007 None
Deathaz_Angle Dec 15, 2006 None
FFXFREAK Nov 25, 2006 None
X Naut Shroober Nov 1, 2006 None
RCT2FREAK Oct 1, 2006 I beat it.
Menkoy Oct 1, 2006 Got almost all star coins and beat the
Lesley Pro_04 Jul 15, 2006 It was ten years in between the previous side-scrolling Mario Bros game and this one. It was well worth the wait, and then some. The graphics were done nicely to a state-of-the-art level, the controls are easy to learn, and new moves and abilities were added in. But one ability was taken out that I was rather fond of: flying. Would it have killed them to put a flying item in, such as a Super Leaf or Cape Feather? That would have been a nice addition. Even so, I love crushing the enemies with the Mega Mushroom. For the next game, I would like to see the flying ability restored and a few extra bonus surprises, like the 1985 SMB and SMB: The Lost Levels (SMB 2 in Japan) as unlockables. I would definitely play this game again. Collected all three stars on my game file.
Freeze Jul 1, 2006 None
Kokoro Jul 1, 2006 Beaten the game and unlocked all the stages.
sprites of justice Jul 1, 2006 omg sooo easy
SongstressgunnerYuna Apr 1, 2006 A mix of Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World. It was a great game. The shell worked the best.
Gotenks Jan 1, 2006 None
RpgGuru Jan 1, 2006 None
Lucky Gamer Jan 1, 2006 Fully Completed. Every Single level, secret entrance, and warp cannons.
Taillow Jan 1, 2006 None
DutchBudokai_Fan Jan 1, 2006 Good game, completed it for almost the full 100%, just a very small amount of levels which i'm missing a couple of those coins in... But still I enjoyed it, hope Nintendo makes a 3D version of Super Mario Bros 3 some day!
Shade the Hedgehog Jan 1, 2006 Short 'n' easy.
Chronoboy Jan 1, 2006 None
Adam X Jan 1, 2006 All levels beaten, All coins collected.
ShadowMetaKnight Jan 1, 2006 i owned this game since it came out. me and my friends would race to beat it since it came out
finalfight No completion date None
RoboGamer_500 No completion date Fun, new, mario game. Some pretty fun touch-screen based mini-games and fun multiplayer. Fun thing to just pass the time with when your bored.