New Super Mario Bros. Action Replay Codes

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rating: 5/5

Master code (DS) North America Master

03807D40 EBAFD8AF

super tiny mario (DS) North America

221B6ACD 00000000
221B6AD1 00000000
221B6AD5 00000000
rating: 3/5

Invincible Mario (DS) North America

1208B350 0000027C

Invisible Mario (DS) North America

Mario is invisible:

221b4co2 00000001
221b6ae8 00000001
221b0dd0 00000001
221b6ad7 00000001
221b6ad3 00000001
221b6ad0 00000001
221b6ad9 00000001
221b6ad7 00000033
221b6abb 00000033

Warning: Entering pipes or doors causes your game to freeze.
rating: 2.3/5

Auto Jump/Bounce (DS) North America

Causes Mario to automatically jump when falling off a ledge, jump higher, fall slower, and continually ground pound until buttons are released:

221b6ae1 00000020
221b6dad 00000099
221b6af5 00000020
221b6ada 00000050
221b6fae 00000009

giant mario (DS) North America

221b6acd 00000094
221b6ad1 00000094
221b6ad5 00000094

Always have infinite mushroom houses (DS) Europe

0432b65c 0000011c
0103b12c 0000032b
0432b65c 0000011c
0103b12c 0000032b

Fat Mario (New Super Mario Bros.) (DS) North America

This code makes a very fat mario but treats you as the size of a regular mario.

221b6acd 00000030
221b6ad1 00000059
221b6ad5 00000099

Strecthing Codes (DS) North America

221b6ad2 000000XX
221b6ad6 000000XX

The first line is how wide he should be stretched.
The second line is how tall he should be stretched.

Replace the XX with a number 1 to 99.

Always Huge (DS) North America

This code makes you always have the mega mushroom effect. Really cool code!!!
1208b334 0000027c
2208b324 00000003