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This remake of the popular NES and SNES version of the game is now available with extras like never before. You are Mario, a plumber out to save Princess Toadstool from the evil Bowser. You can collect powers to help you, including Super Mushrooms and Fire Flowers.


Run, jump and battle enemies through multiple levels in each world. Every time players finish one world, they can move onto the next, but each level features impediments in the forms of fortresses, Hammer Bros. and bosses. After defeating the boss of each world, players can move on to the next, culminating in the final fight in the last world.

Mario and Luigi can do all kinds of jump maneuvers: increasingly high triple jumps, wall jumps and high bounces off enemies. Mario also can use power-ups like Mushrooms (grow big), Fire Flowers (throw fireballs), Starmen (become invincible), Blue Shells (turn into a speedy, blue Koopa shell) and other mushrooms that make him tiny or huge.

In addition to the main game and the wireless two-player mode, players also can use the touch screen to play tons of minigames (either by themselves or over DS Local Area Network with 1 to 4 players via DS Download Play). These include card games, targetbopping-type games and much more.


  • Eight improved worlds of volcanoes, islands, mountains, plains, and pipes.
  • Three power-ups: the mega mushroom, mini mushroom, and koopa shell.
  • New moves such as sliding into enemies using shells or stomping on them as a giant.
  • Brand new mini-games for up to four players to compete against each other.
  • Different modes including Mario vs. Luigi mode where two players can play together, or go head to head using wireless connection.

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Brings mario back to his roots! 2D! a very classic game with a very classic feel to it NewSuperMarioBros DS
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Gorgeous new graphics, same great gameplay! NewSuperMarioBros DS
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Up to World 8, Junior Bowsers castle. Almost finished NewSuperMarioBros DS
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