Super Mario 64 DS Completed

Username Completion Date Achievements
Shilz Oct 1, 2013 None
alexgamer99 Jan 8, 2012 None
NinPower Mar 21, 2011 None
megagamer2254 Feb 27, 2011 None
Thunder850 Jan 17, 2011 None
ShadowNc Mar 10, 2010 None
Theo123 Jan 25, 2010 None
VinnyVideo Sep 21, 2009 Got 88 Power Stars and beat Bowser.
Monferno Apr 10, 2009 Cheated
maggma99 Mar 21, 2009 i got 150 stars.
supreme Jan 1, 2009 None
spector234 Oct 29, 2008 None
gamerdude Jun 16, 2008 Pretty Easy.
DXD Feb 24, 2008 I defeated all three Bowser World Boss Battles and have currently collected 88 stars and am going for 100.
Mr Cheater Jan 19, 2008 Completed at 3:19 PM.
Dogsbaby Mar 10, 2007 Beat this game, beat bowser in just a few tries. Easy as pie.
nnkklo Jan 1, 2007 None
hbn Jan 1, 2007 None
sponge72 Jan 1, 2007 None
Lightnic Dec 28, 2006 None really
Ratchet12345 Oct 12, 2006 100% All 150 Stars all Mini Games.
Nkiller Jul 1, 2006 None
SongstressgunnerYuna Apr 1, 2006 At first I was startled to see that there were 150 stars. 30 more than what I remember from the 64. It was cool. I never did get to play among friends. But otherwise everything was completed quick. Even the white bunny quest.
Gotenks Jan 1, 2006 None
Nicholas II Jan 1, 2006 None
tatemandue2 Jan 1, 2006 beaten whole game, collected every star and unlocked every mini game, opened up cannon in front of castle
Stoo99 Jan 1, 2006 I have all but 2 100-coin starts, and 23 castle secret stars, but other than that, I have completed this game. I just can't be arsed to collect those last few... And the 35 is just a guess because mario games don't seem to have play times...
Capoland Dec 28, 2005 None
Lesley Pro_04 Nov 30, 2005 This was a well-deserved upgrade to one of the quintissential classics of the N64 era. I enjoyed playing as the different characters as well, and trying to use their attributes to an advantage. I remember back in the day of the original SM64 that there were actually 150 stars in the game. The rumor was obviously false, but it makes me wonder if the one who started that rumor had a potential remake/upgrade in mind. Collected all 150 stars and unlocked all Mini-Games. Whatever 3-D Super Mario game comes next on the DS is going to have a tough act to follow, and I'm looking forward to it!
Oni Oct 1, 2005 All 150 stars and all mini-games.
Lucky Gamer Oct 1, 2005 I didn't have the original, and beat it fairly easily!
Onilink Jun 16, 2005 None
Milennin Mar 10, 2005 Beaten Bowser.
nickm717 Feb 1, 2005 Have most of the stars, but not all. Beat Final Bowser.
Arietta Jan 8, 2005 It was very fun but to short... Anyways great game :D.
Giga Bowser Jan 1, 2005 Gotten Max coins on Bob-Omb Battlefield and Whomp's Fortress, plus more probably. Achieved many glitches, such as final Bowser with Yoshi. Mega score on Wanted! Last star gotten was 100 Coins on Rainbow Ride.
FFXFREAK Nov 26, 2004 I remember the exact day I beat this game XD.
Sonicflood Oct 11, 2004 Everything. Very fun... but too short.
GameFreak101 Oct 1, 2004 None
Nymosus No completion date A hand held version of a classic? How could you lose? Personal Rating: 9/10
Enth No completion date None
Insanity Prevails No completion date Fun but not all that hard. Having played the original 64 version that's not surprising.
chaos No completion date Original is still better.
LZ Schneider No completion date Boring once finished.
Slayerholic17 No completion date None
Bash Boy 54 No completion date None
zelda_link No completion date None
sonic111 No completion date None
dandy01 No completion date very fun if you're new to 64, like me. Some of the stars and bosses are too easy.
BlasterMage No completion date None