Super Mario 64 DS Action Replay Codes (DS)

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Infinite Lives (DS) North America

02098930 00000063

this code gives you infinite lives.

WARNING:GIGANTIC mode! (DS) North America

0217f738 00010000
0217f73c 00010000
0217f740 00010000

as the name says this code makes you gigantic.

Super Mega Mode (DS) North America

Makes characters very, very large.

0217f738 00006000
0217f73c 00006000
0217f740 00006000

Infinite Health (DS) North America

12090a00 00000880
121082a4 00000008

Infinite Coins (DS) North America

02098998 00000064

with this one all you have to do is get 1 coin and the 100 coin star will appear.

Press L+R+SELECT For 7 Red Coins (DS) North America

94000130 000000fb
1209894c 00000007
d0000000 00000000
9209894c 00000008
12098b4c 0000ff80
d0000000 00000000

Press B To Moon Jump (DS) North America

92096b5c fffd0002
0217f760 00019b23
d0000000 00000000
92096b5c fffd0002
0216e380 00019b23
d0000000 00000000

Do not use in cut-scenes or when going through doors.

Hold L+R+UP to Play as Yoshi (DS) North America

94000130 000000bf
22096121 00000003
d0000000 00000000

Hold L+R+LEFT to Play as Wario (DS) North America

94000130 000000df
22096121 00000002
d0000000 00000000

Hold L+R+RIGHT to Play as Luigi (DS) North America

94000130 000000ef
22096121 00000001
d0000000 00000000