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Product Wiki Description: Star Fox returns to its roots with a blistering space shooter. In this latest installment of the franchise, Fox and his crew have disbanded after saving the Lylat system more times than you can shake a stick. But, from the depths of the planet, Venom, the Anglar have launched a full assault on Corneria and the outer sectors.

Now, Fox McCloud, must reunite his old friends, and defeat the Anglar emperor's plans for total domination.
  • Lylat needs help. Players hop into their Arwing fighter and...
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Release Date (North America):Aug 28, 2006 submit new
Release Date (Europe):Jan 26, 2007 submit new
Release Date (Japan):Aug 13, 2006 submit new
Release Date (Australia):Sep 21, 2006 submit new
Perspective:Third Person submit new
Themes:None submit new
Publisher:Nintendo submit new
Developer:Q-Games submit new
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Online Multiplayer:4 submit new
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Alternate Titles:Star Fox DS (North America)
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