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Experience the magic, live the adventure! Spyro returns home to the dragon realms to find them in ruins. He soon discovers that a powerful magic force has banished everyone to the mysterious Shadow Realm. Spyro must master the use of magic and hone his skills - take touch-screen control of the fire-breathing dragon and save the day!


Spyro Shadow Legacy introduces role playing elements to the Dragon Realms, offering Spyro fans an "RPG light" experience with all new gameplay features. By fighting and defeating creatures in the game, players will earn experience points that improve Spyro's strength and abilities. This RPG element will allow players to use their experience to build Spyro's new magical powers and martial arts combat abilities as the game progresses.


Spyro Shadow Legacy for Nintendo DS leverages all of the technical innovations of the Nintendo DS, including dual screen, touch screen, wireless capabilities and 3D graphics. With touch screen controls, players can draw symbols to cast spells or use the second screen as an overhead map. Players can utilize the Nintendo DS wireless capabilities to trade collectible creatures with other players nearby.

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a really hard game if you ask me!!!! SpyroShadowLegacy DS
Not as good as all the other ones!!! SpyroShadowLegacy DS

You were probably told that this game is an RPG, but I'll clarify things up by saying...

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