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Have you wanted to control the cycle of life? Now you can. In Spore, you start out as a microrganism. You have to eat other organisms, and get bigger. After a while, you can choose the course of how you want to evolve. You can choose from being more humanlike, fishlike, or anything else. After growing and getting bigger, you can invade other planets, and explore new depths. Adapting to your environment and survival are keys to the game. Do you think you have what it takes to survive?

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I just got the final sore creature creator piece!!! Im SO EXITED!! SporeCreatures iPhone
Completed it 4 times. It gets a little repetitve. SporeCreatures DS
Didn't finish this, but while I was playing it, I loved customising my creature into various ways. Good fun. But the PC version is far... SporeCreatures DS
not good at all the only thing good is the creator SporeCreatures DS
bad graphics, bad controls, really confusing. SporeCreatures DS
sssoo much i want it SporeCreatures DS
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