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It's two years after the events of "Double Agent." Yanked from retirement, Sam Fisher returns to Third Echelon in response to an unspecified threat made to his co-worker, Anna Grimsdóttír. Sam quickly discovers that the organization he had worked so hard for cannot set their priorities straight. Making decisions that Sam deems unjust, he leaves-- to take on the world alone.


  • All new improvisation-based game play: Discover a new breed of game play where every object is available to use. Inventory is actually the world around you, for you to decide how you want to use it.

  • Enemies will actively search for you: As a fugitive, quick thinking and adaptation are essential to turn the situation to your advantage. However, enemies can also use the environment and resources to track you down.

  • Use the living crowd : Blend in with a realistic crowd and navigate within a civilian environment, mimic them to go undetected, or instigate panic as a divisive way to become untraceable as you escape danger. Active stealth will force you to think and act quickly. However, you will have to weigh the risk of heavy force is always the other option.

  • Black Market: Use your underground connections to gain access to black market gadgets and weapons, or use consumer grade gear in ways they were not intended to complete your objectives.

  • Crowd in Multiplayer: Play with, or against, your friends in the middle of a civilian crowd. But know that they will look like any other person, so your sense of observation and ability to act unnoticed are as important as reacting instantly to an unexpected threat.

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Oct 28, 11 6:37pm
Uplay Enabled TomClancysSplinterCellConviction PC
Sep 08, 10 5:46pm
great spy game.beat it fast.I have to buy all the wep. mods. though, if ur into sneaking and hi tech gadgets and guns then get this game TomClancysSplinterCellConviction PC
Aug 06, 10 9:12pm
Was an awesome game, though very short. Would like to see more from Ubisoft. TomClancysSplinterCellConviction X360
Dark Assassin
May 08, 10 12:45am
Archer and Kestrel are beast......too bad (SPOILER) they kill each other TomClancysSplinterCellConviction PC
Dark Assassin
May 07, 10 4:40pm
Looking for people to play this amazing game. TomClancysSplinterCellConviction X360
Jan 19, 10 3:55pm
Whoa! Ninja stars!?! TomClancysSplinterCellConviction X360
Dec 20, 09 7:21pm
added 3 new concept art
The Don
Sep 16, 08 3:18pm
added 4 new concept art
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