Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 7.1/10

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Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals Reviews

website score publish date
1UP A Oct 15 '08
Destructoid 6/10 Oct 07 '08
DS Village  --- Nov 02 '08
Games Radar 7/10 Nov 03 '08
Gamespot 5/10 Nov 04 '08
GameZone 8.0/10 Oct 08 '08
Gaming Nexus B Nov 11 '08
Modojo 3/5 Oct 15 '08
Nintendo World Report 6/10 Nov 12 '08
Pocket Gamer uk 7/10 Nov 05 '08
RPGFan 80% Oct 26 '08
Variety at the Cannes film festival 8/10 Oct 12 '08
Worthplaying 7.0/10 Jan 05 '09
IGN DS 8/10 Oct 07 '08
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Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals Previews

website publish date
1UP Jul 17 '08
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1UP on Dec 07 '08

"While the story's stock sci-fi-RPG material and the combat system could use a bit more polish, Spectrobes is a great choice for those looking for a little no-commitment, light RPG action, or for..."

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Gaming Nexus on Dec 07 '08

"Jupiter has adorned the core gameplay with numerous creative companion elements that create a consistent, complimentary package. Spectrobes might not be as long or exhaustive as Nintendo’s latest..."

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Modojo on Dec 07 '08

"Spectrobes: Beyond the Portal is engaging and fun, especially if you enjoyed the first game. However, it won't replace Pokemon. It's a solid clone, but still just a clone, failing to rise to the..."

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Pocket Gamer uk on Dec 07 '08

"This sequel may go beyond the portals, but does little to go beyond its predecessor. A decent game, even if it's only marginally better than the first."

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RPGFan on Oct 31 '08

"With the basic layout of the game's universe out of the way, the developers were able to refine and revise to their heart's content and make a respectable sequel. And that, my friends, is exactly..."

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