In Soul Bubbles the player controls a young shaman apprentice, who is entrusted with saving lost �souls� and guiding them to safety. He must protect these fragile beings from the hostile and dangerous world around them, and he does this by creating protective bubbles to keep the spirits safe.

* Manipulate your bubbles by first drawing them, then deflating them, cutting them or joining them to other bubbles, filling them with water or gas; then escape traps, extinguish fires and avoid all the sticky or dangerous surfaces that will slow the bubbles down.
* The game features 8 worlds, with over 40 levels to explore which will challenge the shaman in a variety of ways � and push the physics capabilities of the Nintendo DS to the max. Soul Bubbles is designed with the next generation of casual gamers in mind.


  • Using your Stylus - Cut, join, deflate, expand and blow bubbles that interact realistically to the environment.
  • In some levels, bubbles can be filled with water to extinguish fires or gas to create explosions.
  • Follow the star dust for guidance as well as making the spirits glow brighter. Explore 8 Spirit Worlds with over 40 challenging levels.
  • Uncover secret paths, bonus levels and secret awards throughout all of the worlds.
  • 3 Feathers hidden in each level - Find all to unlock the last world.

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I liked this game. But, it did fool me at first, mainly because I suck at it! SoulBubbles DS
May 12, 09 7:53pm

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