The popular and favorite blue dude with 'tude, Sonic The Hedgehog, blasts his way onto the Nintendo DS and takes high-speed action gaming to a whole new level...literally! He's the fastest blue hedgehog on this planet and now he's pairing up with royalty - Queen, Blaze the Cat. This dynamic duo is a pair from different dimensions...but it's a match made to save the world! In search of the Sol Emerald, Sonic and Blaze must battle it out in their own worlds but as they do, ripple effects will change the events of the others.


Sonic Rush takes full advantage of the dual screens on the Nintendo DS system to deliver a frenetic adventure with dizzying dives, near vertical curves, extreme jumps, brain-twisting loops and more!


  • Sonic pairs up with a partner. Play as either Sonic The Hedgehog or Blaze the Cat - queen of a different world and protector of the "Sol Emeralds".

  • Parallel universes collide. Journey with Sonic and Blaze on two separate adventures that intertwine. The storylines and outcomes will differ keeping you in suspense for double the fun!

  • Boss battles! The challenge is 'touch 'n go' with Bosses charging you from all directions and now on two screens!

  • A new arch nemesis threatens the world. Dr. Eggman times two! Beware!

  • Fully utilizes Dual Screens. Long steep dives across both top and bottom screens, super high jumps, huge loops and more!

  • 2D and 3D action for graphic depth and intense gameplay

  • Touch Screen technology for added entertainment
  • Wireless play:
    • 1 - 4P Chao Mode – Up to 4 players can compete for the best time in Chao racing mode
    • 2P Battle Mode - play as either Sonic or Blaze for an amazing race…Sonic style!

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Sega appears to have seen the light, realizing the overflow of Sonic games -- some good, some bad -- is doing the... posted Oct 07, 10 3:00pm


Sonic's had a bit of a rough ride since the days of the Mega Drive. His attempted...

Hardly played. Gave it to the kids to play with. SonicRush DS
it is really hard i can't beat it i feel like a loser SonicRush DS
FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SonicRush DS
i lost it i had it before and mastered it 'sniff' waaa i want it back i droped it down the drain by accident SonicRush DS
just got special boss!!! its awsome!!!! SonicRush DS
the one game i have and cant beat SonicRush DS
Brilliant Sonic game. SonicRush DS
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