Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 8.1/10

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Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime Reviews

website score publish date article quality
EuroGamer 8/10 Nov 01 '06
Game Freaks 365 9/10 Oct 23 '06
GameBrink 87% Nov 12 '05
GameDaily 9/10 Sep 21 '06
Thunderbolt 6/10 Apr 22 '07
Game Chronicles Magazine 7.5/10 Oct 23 '06
GameSpot 7.8/10 Sep 20 '06
IGN DS 8.5/10 Sep 18 '06
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Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime Previews

website publish date article rating
GameSpot Sep 17 '05
IGN DS May 08 '06
GameSpot Jul 03 '11
IGN DS Aug 22 '06
Kombo DS May 12 '06
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Quoted from Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime Reviews:
Check out these quotes from Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime reviews & previews
"This is a DS game that captures familiar Zelda-like gameplay with its own cutesy charm and intuitive control style, and it does all of this very well, rounding off one of the best DS carts to come out in 2006."
"Cute and Fun, the latest spin-off of the Dragon Quest series is a well-executed combination of Zelda style action meets Warcraft style RTS. Square Enix's 2nd game on the Nintendo DS, is their biggest and best one yet. On top of that, it once again establishes that the DQ series and its spin-offs are always a delight to play."
"Rocket Slime is a simple adventure packed with personality, puns, and an oddly endearing hero."
"The only downside to the package is that full multiplayer can only be done in multi-cart mode. The battles are just too large to stream off a single cart, though for anyone looking to give the game a try there are a few different download play options, including basic mini-games and a battle mode where you use computer-controlled enemies and allies to do battle with a generic version of the slime war machine. We of course would have loved to see implementation with the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, but as the game is primarily exploration based (like a gooey version of Zelda), the addition of multi-cart action will have to do."
"For groups of DS owners, the multiplayer experience is one of the most entertaining we’ve had on the system, and even though it’s a shame to not have Nintendo WiFi Connection support for the game, it’s still a blast to play locally. Rocket Slime is a game that knows its audience and knows itself, taking the necessary time to deliver tongue-in-cheek moments and fan-service for Square loyalists to enjoy, while keeping the adventure fresh and simple throughout. We’ve said it before about Loco Roco, and we’ll say it about Rocket Slime as well: The game is like candy. You’ll pop it in, have a blast playing it, and move on, only to break it out again when you get the itch for more lighthearted entertainment."