Retro Atari Classics Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 4.7/10

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Retro Atari Classics Reviews

website score publish date article quality 2/5 Jun 26 '05 2.5/5 Mar 25 '05
1UP 3.5/10 Apr 05 '05
3DAvenue 3.5/5 Aug 04 '05
EuroGamer 4/10 Mar 17 '05
Gamebiz 4.5/10 Jun 11 '05
GameDaily 5/10 Mar 22 '05
IGN DS 5.0/10 Mar 16 '05
Nintendo Insider 4.8/10 Aug 30 '05
GameSpot 4.5/10 Mar 23 '05
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Retro Atari Classics Previews

website publish date article rating
GameSpot Dec 14 '04
IGN DS Jan 09 '05
NintendoDS Advanced Dec 16 '04
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1UP on

"Given a choice between these broken versions of classics or simply not having these games on DS at all, I think in the end I'd rather have not had them. At least then there'd have been hope that..."

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EuroGamer on

"They might expect to pay a little less than the asking price, though, and might reasonably expect that the next publisher to try this trick will throw a whole lot more than a mere 10 games in order..."

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GameSpot on

"Retro Atari Classics is the sort of game that's unpleasing to every possible audience."

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"Ten "okay, kind of accurate" conversions of arcade games add up to a barely average package on the Nintendo DS. The game's saving grace, single cartridge multiplayer, never appears, and the game's..."

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