BSmith3's Pokémon White Version Review

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vader7265 Apr 24, 11
You know, I hardly noticed some of these flaws until I read this review but that rating you gave is a little harsh.
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BSmith3 May 23, 11
What can I say; I didn't care for the game. Though I have since updated the rating to 3/5 instead of 2.5/5, which was a bit harsh, yes.

But to further explain myself: Pokemon is a tried and true format. Anyone who picks up a Pokemon game knows what they're going to get in terms of gameplay, and therefore I find it impossible to rate the game simply on its gameplay, as many others have done. Instead, you have to compare it to the games that came before it, and analyze what they did differently. This is what I did for Pokemon White, and the above is the result. I did not care for the changes.

So yeah, I'm not saying it's a bad game in and of itself - if you picked up this game as your first foray into Pokemon, it would seem amazing. All I'm saying is that it pales in comparison to SoulSilver and HeartGold, and in a franchise this long-running, that means everything.