Pokémon Ranger Completed

Username Completion Date Achievements
Typhlosion7 Sep 19, 2011 None
Altaria Mar 1, 2011 None
Yuliandi Jan 1, 2009 None
gcguyfromhell May 27, 2008 Marine Challenge High Score - 9000 Grassland Challenge High Score - 10403 Capture Arena High Score - 73000
buney010 Jan 9, 2008 beaten it 3 times with the dude and the girl.
Lukaeu Jan 1, 2008 None
Phi Jan 1, 2008 None
JD012 Dec 31, 2007 None
PokeZoe Dec 1, 2007 Completed Story Mode Completed all Ranger Net missions Completed special Manaphy Mission and transfered to Pokemon Diamond
pokemon master777549 Nov 25, 2007 i can't remember to well but i know the last missions are kyogre groudon rayqauza and manaphy
Spriter Neb Sep 25, 2007 It was one of the esiest yet. I completed the Ranger Browser and got the high score on every Capture Area.
spector234 Jul 30, 2007 None
charizard master Jul 15, 2007 Fun... got all 213, have manaphy egg... high scores... marine: 10200 15 pokemon, Grassland: 8703 10 pokemon, and Capure arena: 69700 47 pokemon... overall maybe the easiest pokemon game made... must have... many people agree that tring to catch 490 pokemon gets boring... if you want a little challenge and some fun, try pokemon ranger... one thing... you have to have another ds to collect manaphy and phione...
game_testerWB1 Jun 2, 2007 Cleared main story line in about two days. No infact, 10hours And 43minutes. This is a good game and a must get.
Rukiro Apr 16, 2007 completed the pokedex thing
pikacelebi Apr 10, 2007 Completed 3 times Obtained and transfered Manaphy (held in Ranger for over 100 days) Beat all RangerNet Missions Beat all Special Missions (for third time I beat the game I didn't do Rayquaza yet) Broke records in Capture Challenge (Field and Sea)
Dragon Warrior1 Mar 20, 2007 None
WangChung Feb 27, 2007 None
gamer girl Jan 12, 2007 None
DenniseA Jan 10, 2007 None
Gotenks Jan 1, 2007 None
awesome pikachu Jan 1, 2007 None
mizz_manga Jan 1, 2007 All of the Post ending completed
BUZZ132 Jan 1, 2007 None
maysfestival112 Jan 1, 2007 Luv this game!!! (even if it is not an achievement or high score, i luv it <3)
keithend Jan 1, 2007 None
mango_tango Jan 1, 2007 trying to re-complete it..... stuck on the final test but W/E. transferred Manaphy to Diamond......
mike9293 Jan 1, 2007 None
Meiun Dec 30, 2006 Great game. Only downside: Now my DS screen is scratched
hamstar138 Nov 16, 2006 It was very good and partly challenging!!! I do recomed this game!!!
Sakura Nov 1, 2006 None
xeyex Oct 20, 2006 I captured kyogure, groudon, entei x2, suicune, raikou and almost registeel
Capopo29 Jul 17, 2006 None
digiliamo No completion date Very Good Game. if you Don't get it, u r a NOOB. hardest to catch - STEELIX
tyl1521 No completion date i have no clue when i beat this game but i have finished main storyline
Empoleon1996 No completion date None
angel12321 No completion date yeeeesss funnnnn : )
Lg No completion date None
marioman No completion date Completed ranger-dex.
seanflynn No completion date None
yugiRULER No completion date Everything done, even the optional egg. And bonus areas.
Kini No completion date None
ELITE MARCO No completion date None
LadyNyoko No completion date None
Dizzy03 No completion date None
Gem Love Wist No completion date None
jj_101 No completion date None
Budl012 No completion date None
Molta Mario 64 No completion date None
Sigma No completion date None