An action RPG set in the world of the Pokemon Ranger Movie. Its release precedes that of Diamond and Pearl, since it will show us some of the ideas presented in the other 2 upcoming games.


You get to play as a Pokemon Ranger which is different than a regular pokemon trainer. A Pokemon Ranger is someone who travels to different lands, but instead of looking for badges and fighting trainers, they use pokemon to fight and defend nature.


Play as a Pokemon Ranger.
Link up together with Diamond and Pearl for some top secret bonuses
Takes Place in Pokemon Ranger movie

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Unskippable cutscenes WHHHHHHHHHHY?! PokemonRanger DS
Very easy to complete but has a decent story line PokemonRanger DS
This is a fantastic game to play i reccomend this at anyone PokemonRanger DS
Haven't really settled into it but hey, it's Pokemon. It's original but not veyr captivating. PokemonRanger DS
fun at start but gets annoying and slightly boring towards the end of the story. no online let it down PokemonRanger DS
another fun game! 8/10 PokemonRanger DS
Many people buy it for the Manaphy, I did, but then I found it to be a very original and entertaining game. PokemonRanger DS
REALLY boring after ya beat it 3 times... PokemonRanger DS
Again not used much anymore. PokemonRanger DS
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