Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness Own / Want List

Username Comments
Zancho_Red None
Harceru None
Charizard_2 It was my first Ds game
RikutheHedgehog None
JD012 Great game!
ThEBlAcKgAiA None
Kalemons None
Lukaeu None
Dark Arcanine None
Kubrick None
Takanori None
Phi None
Different Question None
D_C_Martinez excellent game
mewtwo_hunter1996 None
Akira_EX None
shadow dream keeper None
Twin_Master Haven't really settled into it but hey, it's Pokemon.
Brazil Hater None
Woodentop Actually a very good game and fun.
clan paladin None
Storm None
TomasPonce007 None
The Deathwind None
KaibasAngel None
DarkSpyro_Dragon None
Gem Love Wist None
pikachu_2008 None
X Naut Shroober None
Meleekimy This game is quite fun ^^
Mudkip94 None
Ryuragnas None
Miss Fortune None
Cero Bleh, time is better
Budl012 None
AquaDragon None
illueia None
Sigma None
keyblade_sith_lord None
Tissue 1 None
Bluepikky24 None
Brian 3344 None
bohric None
KingKongHR None
The Rakoonator None
JordanP70 None
harvestbmg I love this game!
FSC100 None
joshismyname12 None
R1DDL3S None