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Product Wiki Description: At first, when you start your game, you must take a quiz. This quiz determines the Pokemon you will turn into and who your Partner will be. You will be met by your partner on the beach, knocked out with no memory except for your name and the fact the you were once a human. Your Partner, who has always wanted to join the guild and make an exploration team, asks you to make one. You and your partner will eventually go on many missions, trying to find out who you are. In the future, they find... submit new
Release Date (North America):Apr 20, 2008 submit new
Release Date (Europe):Jul 4, 2008 submit new
Release Date (Japan):Sep 20, 2007 submit new
Release Date (Australia):Jun 19, 2008 submit new
Perspective:Third Person submit new
Themes:Anime, Alternate Reality, Lifestyle, Children's submit new
Publisher:Nintendo submit new
Developer:Chunsoft submit new
Online Co-op: submit new
Offline Co-op: submit new
Online Multiplayer: submit new
Offline Multiplayer: submit new
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Alternate Titles:Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon: Toki no Tankentai (Japan) (Japan)
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