Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team Action Replay Codes

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Max / Infinite Money (DS) North America

0213C12C 0001869F

Using this code will give you the maximum amount of money.

Max / Infinite Belly (DS) North America

12115542 000061A7
12115546 000061A8

Using this code will you give you the maximum amount of belly, and it will replenish itself.

Low Game Time (DS) North America

0213C19C 0A000000

Using this code will make your amount of play time less than what it actually is.

end of dungeon (DS) Australia

94000130 FCFF0000
221153E5 000000FF
D0000000 00000000
rating: 5/5

Infinite Joy Seeds (DS) North America

This Code Gives you Lots of Joy Seeds in your Storage ^^;
1213BFC8 000003E7

More Belly (DS) North America

12115546 000061A8

Makes the leaders belly size Bigger.
rating: 5/5

All the Seeds (DS) North America

Heal Seed
1213bf9e 000003e7

Eyedrop Seed
1213bfa6 000003e7

Reviver Seed
1213bfa8 000003e7

Blinker Seed
1213bfaa 000003e7

Doom Seed
1213bfac 000003e7

Allure Seed
1213bfae 000003e7

Life Seed
1213bfb0 000003e7

Hunger Seed
1213bfb4 000003e7

Quick Seed
1213bfb6 000003e7

Totter Seed
1213bfbc 000003e7

Sleep Seed
1213bfbe 000003e7

Plain Seed
1213bfc0 000003e7

Warp Seed
1213bfc2 000003e7

Blast Seed
1213bfc4 000003e7

Joy Seed
1213bfc8 000003e7

Stun Seed
1213bfcc 000003e7

Food codes (DS) North America

1213c002 000003e7

1213c004 000003e7

Huge Apple
1213bfde 000003e7

Big Apple
1213bfda 000003e7

1213bfd8 000003e7
rating: 1/5

Max Gummies (DS) North America

White Gummi
1213bfe0 000003e7

Red Gummi
1213bfe2 000003e7

Blue Gummi
1213bfe4 000003e7

Grass Gummi
1213bfe6 000003e7

Yellow Gummi
1213bfe8 000003e7

Clear Gummi
1213bfea 000003e7

Orange Gummi
1213bfec 000003e7

Pink Gummi
1213bfee 000003e7

Brown Gummi
1213bff0 000003e7

Sky Gummi
1213bff2 000003e7

Gold Gummi
1213bff4 000003e7

Green Gummi
1213bff6 000003e7

Gray Gummi
1213bff8 000003e7

Purple Gummi
1213bffa 000003e7

Royal Gummi
1213bffc 000003e7

Black Gummi
1213bffe 000003e7

Silver Gummi
1213c000 000003e7

Max savings (DS) North America

0213c130 0098967f Max money in the bank.