Pokémon Diamond Own / Want List

Username Comments
Octarine Skye None
SilverStoneTrainer None
LinkMaster03 None
Homunculus Lover None
Zero4000 I want it, for the sake of collecting/playing.
The Cube Master None
chrisdoyle None
Agua None
Sakura None
charizard47 None
Vegeta dude None
Cripp_Walker Sounds Better :P
Squall Getting Diamond! My birthstone.
P0kem0n_Champ4112333 None
RAICHU101 None
GreatestGamerInRome None
Blue eyes Lady None
Sonic Fan None
Yeshua None
Segato this game will make nDS supe shweet and im probably gonna get ds for this game
NitriCitY Don't have DS;(
reb94 When I beat ot I'll sell it
crimsondice None
Whitetiger13 None
neo_kaiser None
krunk13 None
Sakura14 please come out soon!
Jedi of Fire I really want this game!
bigikes None
mushroomhead2 None
zero the quick Yes a new pokemon game
Cwt598 Really want
Mew King i need it
swatguy None
Darkmega Cant Wait
Zez If it\'s in English and NOt fake I\'ll take it!!!
stillLOVEgbc None
Malicious Bass None
Shadow Kirby GIVE ME IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Megaman9001 None
Capoland None
ss vegta None
unknownmaster will do anything for it!
Pokemon Ball None
mijomuffins None
Gameplay None
Bluephionix I want it more than a DS lite!! It is the bomb pokemon game in the Internet news.
tycj10 None