Pokémon Diamond Own / Want List

Username Comments
Queenpetra None
Typhlosion7 None
gr7757 None
daveb None
gamerXXXX None
Tyranitar98 None
Navi24 Anyone Want to Batttle, Just click on Diamond and tell me
Horatiu pokedex 100% complete
Shamair28 Pokemon platinum is comming & has arriived this year and last year in japan
cheatstar None
Kubrick None
Vegeto30294 None
scooterpup None
Badluck A good game but get the other version of the Pokemon game it has a lot stuff Pokemon Platinum
Dionysus None
Mew its all screwed up from AR.
pokedude2 None
spector234 None
marioman None
ARMaster None
Pokemon cheater 9.3
Kalemons None
Spriter Neb GameStop
NextHanna Lost it, RE-BOUGHT!
Dilza93 None
buney010 My fave game!
Hugo07 None
Agent C None
Legendgreat None
ThongomanHalo2 I Have Completed This Game
Dark Arcanine None
Lukaeu None
Dragoon None
Laika None
Lady Ariel None
Silverlight None
JD012 Great game! This is probably the best pokemon game there is except the Ranger games.
ModernOlive None
elite4smashr None
Phi None
WolfofSorrow None
Spellcaster9301 None
demon alastor None
Old_School_Yoshi Awesome.
Lylodile None
sprites of justice None
Saiya None
D_C_Martinez this is a great game to play i recommend everyone to have one
Vatos Locos None