Pokémon Dash Own / Want List

Username Comments
game_testerWB1 Got bored with it after the Hard GP, but cleared anyway. Sold now.
Murray3 None
Giga Bowser None
dtimmy14 None
Rheneas None
Wyraachur None
Twin_Master Really a waste of time...
Zero1334 None
kymo124 None
hamstar138 None
Rayquaza 2982 None
Malicious Bass None
Hikui Tora Different, but fun.
The Deathwind None
Ryuko None
Gem Love Wist None
eiddam Rubbish...
Gonzales None
Danielg None
Aether None
Mudkip94 I dont like it that much but keeping it
weirdalrulez None
up Luigi 64 None
craigsydenham None
Sigma None
blaze dragon 1993 None
keyblade_sith_lord None
Tissue 1 None
timeshine None
KingKongHR None
arceusfan5000 None
Lauzi Gets boring
Makeamonkey None
mattardis None
R1DDL3S None
zipper566 Bad, Bad, Bad. Its a bad game and you HAVE to play as pikachu! WHY? 1/10
Latias Gal None
killer3505 None
NiGHTSChao None
KirbyHyrule None
pokemonmaster220 None
rjlefty96 None
fluffysbeans None
Eridor None
NFS_Street_King None
Delighted None
The Pokemon Love None
Kubrick None