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In the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest video games, players will be able to play as Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann as they explore and brawl across land and sea on a memorable quest in search of the legendary Dead Man's Chest. The games will not only feature thrilling moments from the movie, but will expand the fantasy of the franchise by offering exciting new adventures and locations inspired by the rich "Pirates of the Caribbean" universe.
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great movie ugh tho I didn't like Elizabeth Swann she ruined it as always 8/10 PiratesOfTheCaribbeanDeadMansChest
Jun 27, 09 12:32am
Great PiratesOfTheCaribbeanDeadMansChest
Feb 15, 09 10:54pm
Awesome Movie }:D PiratesOfTheCaribbeanDeadMansChest
the pain lane
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great flick PiratesOfTheCaribbeanDeadMansChest
Jul 20, 08 1:08am
Spriter Neb
Jun 21, 08 10:19am
Gift: Mom & Dad PiratesOfTheCaribbeanDeadMansChest
Jun 08, 08 11:36am
A bit short PiratesOfTheCaribbeanDeadMansChest
Mar 02, 08 3:32pm
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I will sell in the future. PiratesOfTheCaribbeanDeadMansChest
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