Players will have to have speedy fingers and even faster minds to conquer the many puzzles available in this puzzle game. Picross DS offers quick and accessible entertainment for everyone, irrespective of age or experience.


In the game's main Picross Mode players must reveal a hidden image that lies beneath the puzzle by filling in a grid with squares and crosses to complete patterns. Picross Mode allows players to create their very own puzzles to challenge or share with friends. Once created these puzzles can be shared with friends using the Nintendo DS wireless connectivity or the Wi-Fi Connection service. Players looking for a quick distraction on a regular basis, a calendar based Daily Picross mode challenges players to take on several quick puzzles every day. There is also a highly addictive multiplayer mode so you can show up your friends and settle old scores. In multiplayer mode up to five players can compete against each other and the clock to finish puzzles first in Multi-Picross Mode. And, thanks to Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection Service, players can take part in Online Battle mode with another player from anywhere in the world! Nintendo's unique Wi-Fi Connection Service also provides access to a nearly endless supply of new puzzles to download. Users can upload puzzles they create in My Picross mode for other players to browse and download online and can also download official puzzles from Nintendo.
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