Choose a hoppy, floppy, furry friend in Petz Bunnyz! These long-eared fuzzballs are your ticket to new kinds of fun and adventure. Play with and train your bunny friends for hours of fun. You can customize your bunny’s environment with toys and other special items, and you’ll be rewarded with more goodies the better you get at caring for and training your cuddly pet.

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ShadeofDiamonds and 9 others own Petz Bunnyz
Feb 04, 12 12:27pm
added a cheat
EHays91 played Petz Bunnyz
May 15, 10 7:30pm
I like this game and i download it and the bunnyz are sooo cute! PetzBunnyz DS
May 15, 10 11:14am
This one is sooo cute! PetzBunnyz DS
Sep 13, 09 7:39pm
added 2 cheats
Lollipop Luvr
Jun 08, 09 10:43pm
This game is pretty boring. The only upside to it is really the mini games within the actual game! PetzBunnyz DS
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