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The DSi is the third iteration of Nintendo's best-selling portable video game system. Nintendo DSi gives new and veteran gamers the ability to customize, personalize and share their experiences with friends and family. Two built-in, interactive cameras let people snap and modify photos, while recorded sounds can be played and manipulated.

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Hardware Info

  • CPU: 133 MHz ARM
  • System RAM: 16MB RAM
  • Upper Screen: 3.25" (diagonal)
  • Touch Screen: 3.25" (diagonal)
  • Internal storage: 256MB internal flash
  • Cameras: 0.3 megapixel
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11 built-in (WPA/WPA2 security)
  • Flash media support: SD/SDHC
  • W x H x D: 137 x 74.9 x 18.9 mm (clamshell closed)
  • Weight: 214 g
  • battery life: 9-14 hr maximum (lowest brightness setting)

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i like pie DSiHardware DS

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Redemption blogged
Feb 23, 10 9:16pm

gef loung has been asking me to create a release list and GameGrep news plugin for the DSiWare forum and I finished that last week. However, rarely would anyone ever see it, so I created a General DSiWare forum and moved all the previous general messages into it.

You can also see the recent and upcoming DSiWare specific titles on the right hand side of that forum.

If you want to help out to keep that list up to date, make sure to contribute to Neoseeker! That list draws from the release date submissions made to each DSiWare title. The titles can be found in the DSiWare section. You can also keep an eye on all DS titles with no release date and also contribute in general to DS titles in our list of DS titles that need your contributions!

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Razentsu blogged
Apr 07, 09 10:32pm

Yep yep yep. I got my Black DSi. I actually got it yesterday; but I didn't blog about it because I was too busy with the thing. I had fun playing with the cameras and trying out the web browser.

I've got to say, the DSi is an impressive device. The new interface is welcome, the upped hardware will in no doubt be used in the future, and DSi Ware has potential to be awesome. The cameras are very low quality; comparable to a camera on a cellphone; but they are very fun to play with. And that's what the cameras were intended for from the start. To have fun.

The bigger screens are great. The screen size have been increased by about 17%, and it's very noticeable. The visuals put out on the DSi are notably crisper than it's predecessors. The speakers have also been given a boost. They are louder and more clear sounding than before. I definitely noticed that when I was playing Chrono Trigger. :)

And not to mention the matte finish. The matte feels great, and makes the DS easier to grip compared to the DS Lite's slippery gloss. Also, fingerprints don't show up--which is great.

I'm satisfied with my upgrade so far, and I can't wait to see what Nintendo has in store for the machine. I just hope they hurry up with the North American Virtual Handheld announcement--I'm dying to play some Golden Sun.

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Jul 31, 07 1:34pm
  • Genre: Nintendo DS
  • Developer:
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Released
    North AmericaApr 5, 2009
    EuropeApr 3, 2009
    JapanNov 1, 2008
    AustraliaApr 2, 2009
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