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Nintendo DS Hardware Reviews

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Shacknews  --- Mar 28 '06
Neoseeker  --- Oct 25 '09
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Nintendo DS Hardware Previews

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IGN DS Mar 03 '06
EuroGamer Nov 29 '04
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EuroGamer on Oct 24 '09

"Having spent nearly a week in its company, we consider everything the DS has to offer. And it's touching just how much there is."

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Neoseeker on Oct 25 '09

"Oxygen games brings a flurry of family friendly games to the DS this year, with titles for young women such as the Mygames line-up and casual audiences with Hysteria Hospital."

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Shacknews on May 04 '06

"All in all, DS Lite represents a significant improvement over the original DS model in just about every way. It features better design and materials, the screens are enormously brighter, the button..."

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