Nintendo DS Hardware Own / Want List

Username Comments
blah12345 awsome!!!!!!!!!
PhantasyHawk9073 None
Jeg None
Gotenks None
Unknown Warrior None
tommex None
Peek_a_buu None
mercenary_sora None
LZ Schneider None
xtremepokemontrainer None
oOhennersOo Tis some good shit.
Sakura None
Wolf Tails None
King Arthas 89 None
Vegeta dude None
Sindrak None
Dark Angel Exe None
thunder_stryke My favorite handheld system so far!
Glitzville None
Comic man It\
themanof_concepcion None
Neon the Chao None
Zebra Cakes None
Arietta None
lary bob joe None
Alieninvasion11 I love my ds
Sa_X how do u think I would play my DS games without this?
Enigma the Guardian None
xxcassyxx None
danny2 None
Kirby1201 My Mic. is broken, & I have little cuts/gaps in my DS. But, other than that, its in good shape.
Rangerramon2 I got 3 nintendo ds's 1 nintento dsI 1 nintendo ds lite Zelda edition 1 nintendo ds lite Pokemon edition the last 2 are imported
S v R 2010 None
min 5 stars
Lylodile None
murraymints None
Twisted None
Estuve None
Miss Fortune None
Kittens4ever Yes...My DS the best thing I own...Apart from my kitten Kittie
Hrvstmn ive tried to take care of it but... it was already broken when i got it
Gimmy549 Best handheld i have a psp but this is better
0172 My third DS!
Joshua Mackley None
Avalith None
emmy_9_hughey None
cgauld7 None
Mightyena392111 None