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Nintendo DS revolutionizes the way games are played. With dual screens and touch-screen technology, wireless communication and built-in PictoChat software you have the power to draw, write and send messages wirelessly.


The Nintendo DS's capabilities enhances your life as a gamer.

With the use of the TouchScreen, every game has a new way to be played, and a new way to be enjoyed. Use either the Stylus or your finger to play the new Games on the touchscreen, every game has a different use for the TouchScreen.

Also, prepare to interact more with your games with the incorporation of the michrophone, many games use it.


  • Slimmer Design: The Nintendo DS Lite manages to pack even more fun into a smaller, slimmer body that's less than two thirds the size of the original Nintendo DS.
  • Dual-Slot Compatibility: Nintendo DS Lite doesn't just play DS games – it also features an additional port for Game Boy Advance game paks.
  • Stylish Colors: Choose a Nintendo DS Lite that matches your personality. With chic Onyx Black, cool Polar White and cute Coral Pink, there's a Nintendo DS Lite for everybody
  • Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection: Ready to take on the world? With Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, you can connect wirelessly, chat with friends while you play and compete with Nintendo DS owners across the globe. And it's totally free! All you need to play is a Nintendo DS and a Wi-Fi-ready game.
  • You're in Control: Even the stylus for Nintendo DS Lite has been redesigned. It's longer and thicker and works with the system's improved controls to make gameplay even more fun.
  • Now Lightweight: Ther Nintendo DS Lite might be over 20% lighter than Nintendo DS, but it's a lot heavier on features.
  • Screens: Nintendo DS Lite has twin ultra bright LCD screens that combine crisp, punchy colors, along with touch-screen technology on the lower screen to deliver some of the most groundbreaking gameplay ever developed.
  • Longer life: Can you outlast the Nintendo DS Lite battery? Get up to 19 hours continuous gameplay on one charge. And you can be up and running fully recharged again in less than 3 hours.
  • DS 3D: Nintendo DS Lite has powerful dual processors that bring impressive 3D graphics to life with lightning-fast rendering.

Hardware Requirements

With impressive 3D rendered graphics, Nintendo DS delivers cutting-edge portable games for fans of any genre, with two screens for two views of the action at the same time. Also features touch-screen input and wireless communication, and you can play all your favorite Game Boy Advance games in a single-player mode.

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