You slowly come back to life in your spacecraft. It feels like you were unconscious only for seconds. Faded impressions of pain and humiliation dominate your thoughts. Instinctively, you look up at your console; it's still indicating a destination.


Your spaceship has been knocked into another place -- another world, another dimension, you don't know ... blaze across futuristic levels and destroy hoards of enemies to find out. All-in all, there are eight challenging stages to conquer. Battle through environments like a sunken metropolis, an asteroid field, and hell-like lava fields. Using the DS touch screen, players can access features like boss scanning, on-the-fly weapon management, and a live radar. Unlockable features and game modes add replay value once you've finished the main adventure and there's also a head-to-head two-player mode that lets you battle on the same level for bonus and score goals via the DS wireless link.


-Upgradeable weapons and sub-weapons, boasting tons of fire power to decimate your enemies

-Touch screen features such as boss scanning, on-the-fly weapon management, live radar and hyperspace controls

-10+ stages to conquer; battle through environments like subterranean minefields, arctic mountains and hell-like lava fields

-Unlockable features and game modes add re-playability once players complete their campaign

-2-player co-op and head-to-head wireless functionality

-Online ranking system via allows players to post their high scores and compete against best in the world

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