N+ is an action game that will have players leaping and avoiding obstacles using the excellent physics and collision detection while they scour each level for as much gold as they can reach before finding the switch and opening the door to the next challenging level.


  • Hundreds of built in Levels: Conquer over 200 levels in single player or play with friends in over 100 Cooperative and 50 Competitive levels!
  • PURE and PLUS modes: Play in PURE mode reminiscent of classic “N”, or try out the new enhanced PLUS mode only in the handheld versions!
  • Ninja Techniques: Master stealthy Ninja techniques like wall-climbing and missile dodging to get past deadly laser drones, homing turrents, and other deadly enemies!
  • Networked Content: Download new maps and content from the N server! Design new maps, show off your slick ninja moves, or view your global ranking on the community leader board.
  • Level Editor: Use the included level editor to create your own crafty levels and upload them to test other’s Ninja skills.

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Jan 16, 09 8:58am
A excellent thought up game. HOWEVER, prolonged use will destroy your PSP buttons, due to overuse. I have already worn down my X button. N X360
Jan 07, 09 6:01pm
Eh... It's okay. I wish the online community actually existed. N X360
Nov 06, 08 1:27pm
Definitely the best game on the xbox arcade. N X360
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