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Average Review Score: 4.9/10

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Myst Reviews

website score publish date
Adventure Gamers 1/5 Apr 03 '09
Cubed3 6/10 Dec 19 '07
GameDaily 5/10 Jun 06 '08
Gamer 2.0 3.7/10 May 25 '08
GameZone 5.2/10 May 28 '08 3/10 Aug 15 '08
IGN DS 4.0/10 May 16 '08
Just Adventure + B- May 21 '08
MyGamer 4/10 Jun 25 '08
Videogamer 7/10 Jan 04 '08
Wired News 3/10 May 20 '08
Worthplaying 5/10 Jun 30 '08
Gamespot 8.9/10 May 01 '96
Nintendo World Report 4/10 Mar 12 '10
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Cubed3 on May 14 '08

"Navigating a world that consists entirely of static images simply by tapping the touch screen will take some getting used to. Occasional problems with touch screen responsiveness can also hinder..."

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Gamespot on Jun 06 '08

"Myst is an immersive experience that draws you in and won't let you go."

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GameZone on May 28 '08

"Myst for the DS is simply the same game that most of us have already played by now. The same game is here on the DS just simply shrunk down to the small screens. Old age just doesn’t fit Myst as..."

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IGN DS on May 18 '08

"It's time to let Myst die. It had it's run, and now it's time for the game to finally stop appearing everywhere. Even when it's free, Myst is barely worth playing, so charging $30 for a portable..."

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Just Adventure + on May 26 '08

"But other than that, it’s all here. The crazy astronomical charts. The beautiful forest of tree houses. The fiendish wind puzzles. The stupifyingly long maze (that you have to go through..."

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