This laidback resort town has it all—a soaring mountain, ferry sea port, lush forest, and lively entertainment district. But the seaside village has been struggling a bit lately. However, with some creativity and a little help from the locals, you can restore this once fashionable resort to its former glory. Get to know the town residents to find out what they want and need. Then enhance the town so that everyone can live life to the fullest. Make improvements around the resort and attract new tourists and residents- from Charlie the Baker and Joseph the Fisherman to Nicki the Scuba Instructor and Ewan the Police Officer. Explore the town, customize its appearance, enjoy the wide range of fun activities, and watch it flourish under your care.


  • A whole world to explore— Move into a new house, then discover areas like the mountain, forest, port, entertainment district, and more. Unlock more of the world as new characters visit and move in.
  • Play mini-games all over town— From fishing, paragliding, and scuba diving to prospecting and racquetball, there's always a fun activity to play in MySims. Get high scores and win special items you can use to customize the town.
  • Give it your personal touch— Plan the layout of your home, plant and maintain the town landscape, and uncover special items to give the town your personal touch.
  • Design your own stuff— Create your own original patterns to make unique clothing and furniture items. You can even send your inspired creations to a friend using the Nintendo DS local wireless connection.

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Jul 01, 14 9:30am
How do you unlock the airport area in the entertainment area? MySims DS
Sep 01, 13 7:46pm
Just started it today, been paying 12 hours straight >.< btw how do i get to star level 2???!!!!! MySims Wii
Dec 24, 12 5:43pm
Haven't played this game in months. Ah, nostalgia. MySims Wii
Oct 01, 12 12:39am
pj MySims PC
Apr 02, 12 5:34pm
added a cheat
Lone Lab
Dec 22, 11 9:16am
This is a poor imitation of real Sims games... but I suppose it's not supposed to be exactly the same. Still fun. For a while. MySims PC
Nov 11, 11 8:04am
I changed a Sim's outfit! It's so cool! I also changed my outfit from Chef Watanabe's outfit to the same outfit the Sim had on. MySims PC
Nov 11, 11 7:58am
Black Rainbow
Aug 17, 11 3:24pm
This isn't quite a real Sims game... but it's still enjoyable. MySims PC
Lone Lab
Aug 09, 11 5:57pm
This isn't anything like a real Sims game... but it's still really fun! MySims PC
x Hazel Eyes x
Jul 26, 11 7:01pm
This game isn't anything like real Sims games... but it's still really fun! MySims PC
Jan 11, 11 5:24pm
its soooooooo fun!! i'm tryin to convince everyone to get it. it rox. i luvz it. MySims PC
Dec 29, 10 2:50am
Loses it's charm after 2 days. MySims PC
Nov 15, 10 2:20am
added a cheat
Sep 09, 10 2:54pm
Help a resort town get tourists blah blah blah MySims Wii
Sep 09, 10 2:54pm
Bring a town to life after thee essence master leaves MySims Wii
Jul 20, 10 6:38am
3/5 MySims Wii
Jun 12, 10 3:38pm
not bad MySims Wii
  • Genre: Life Sims
  • Theme(s): Lifestyle
  • Perspective(s): Third Person
  • Developer: Electronic Arts
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Released
    North AmericaSep 18, 2007
    EuropeSep 21, 2007
    JapanDec 6, 2007
  • Also known as:
  • Boku to Sim no Machi: Resort ni Genki o Torimodosou! in Japan
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7.3 / 10
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