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An ichorous green meteor plummets through the Earth's atmosphere, fracturing and showering the earth with glowing green space dust that affects all forms of life nearby. Some plant life - mushrooms and cacti - acquire sentience while, the meteor twists and mutates other life forms, transforming insects and animals into semi-intelligent, warlike communities.

Mushroom Men – Rise of the Fungi tells the story of the birth of the Mushroom Men. It starts out with the simple tribe of Bolete learning to live off the land. They struggle against their environment for a time until the Amanitas Empire arrives. To their dismay, the Bolete learn that their fellow Mushroom Men aren't any better than the hostile insects and other creatures that threaten them.
My father bought this without my consent. I don't want it. MushroomMen X360
demonaru and 2 others own Mushroom Men: Rise of the Fungi
I know all of the Level names and bad guys names in all the levels and how to beat the game using all three Bolete Warriors, Heavy,... MushroomMen X360
this game is decent, but REALLY short. i beat this game in 2 hours second time through. MushroomMen X360
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