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Defeat werewolves, solve puzzles, and overcome a variety of challenges in this new title for the Nintendo DS. Moonlight Fables features touch-screen input, wireless network play, and dual screen game support.


  • Master multiple weapons such as the mystical Moon Sword, an array of blasters and your own werewolf claws and teeth.
  • Nintendo DS-specific features that include touch screen input, planned wireless network play, and dual screen game support.
  • Enjoy a spectacular landscape, built in a combination of two and three dimensional art styles, with a dynamic camera that zooms in and out to highlight the action and imagery.
  • Lose yourself in a foreign, dark, and mysterious world with a fascinating story of intrigue that unfolds as a direct result of your actions.
  • Atmospheric soundtrack that's without equal in the portable genre
  • Seamless gameplay levels -- the entire world is one large area.
  • Control the moon to alter your abilities. Use the touch screen to alter the phases of the moon and unleash your special attacks.
  • Tons of secondary weapons and accessories to unlock, getting you past barriers to places you could not reach before.
  • Build Trista's attributes and stats by defeating stronger enemies for experience.
  • Interact with an assortment of characters that will help you on your quest with knowledge, guidance, and equipment.
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