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In Mega Man ZX Advent, the main characters discover the power of the mysterious "Biometal model A," which on its own has several attacks, but also has a special Megamerge ability which allows the character to transform into one of eight "Pseudoroid" bosses that each have a unique set of abilities. Once a boss is defeated, players can emulate their powers to find hidden routes, discover rare items and aid their battles against more powerful enemies.


  • Two playable characters - play as "Grey" or "Ash", each with unique abilities and individual, but linked storylines
  • Two additional bonus characters - Vent and Aile from Mega Man®ZX are available and players can transform into their "Mega Man Model ZX" form
  • Dynamic "Biometal" system allows players to transform into several forms - eight bosses, five Biometal forms and human
  • Transformations use up the "Live metal gauge" so they must be used effectively
  • "Area expansion" - explore and open up new areas with access to additional quests
  • Condition Bonus - strategically beat bosses to obtain valuable rare items
  • Touch screen allows players to instantly change forms and switch between subscreens
  • Co-op and head-to-head two player wireless play (two cartridges required)
  • Two-player downloadable mini-game (one cartridge required)
  • Five unlockable mini-games in total
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  • Genre: Platformer Action
  • Perspective(s): First Person
  • Developer: Inti
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Released
    North AmericaOct 23, 2007
    EuropeFeb 29, 2008
    JapanJul 12, 2007
    AustraliaMar 5, 2008
  • Player Info:
  • Offline Multi-player (1-2)
  • Online Multi-player (2 max)
  • Also known as:
  • RockMan ZX: Advent in Japan
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