Mega Man ZX Code Breaker Codes

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Master Code (DS) North America Master

0000DBFF 41525A45
F9419FD7 DFB94DA5
7613DC48 0673D233

This code will let you enter any other Codebreaker codes for Mega Man ZX.

Become Invincible (DS) North America

BE242A34 8656C76B

This code will make it so that no enemies can cause you harm.

Infinite Health (DS) North America

C0C692C6 4E178B64

This code will make it so that you have an infinite supply of health so that you will never die/faint.

Infinite Supply of Lives (DS) North America

938523C0 F56AEB1D

This code will give you an infinite supply of lives in case you lose all of your HP during battles.