Players assume the role of either a human male character named Vent or his female counterpart, Aile, who are employees of the Girouette Express, a courier service that takes jobs transporting anything to anywhere. On a job accompanying their boss, Girouette, to transport a package containing Model X and Model Z Biometals, they are attacked by a mysterious group of Mavericks who seeks to take the material for themselves. During the scuffle, the Model X Biometal is absorbed into the main character, causing a transformation into Model X form while the Model Z Biometal fuses with Girouette. Facing innumerable enemies, Girouette lends his newfound power to his employee and the two substances combine to form Model ZX. With powerful abilities at their disposal, they must discover who the menacing enemies are and what they are ultimately after.


In Mega Man ZX Advent, the main characters discover the power of the mysterious "Biometal model A," which on its own has several attacks, but also has a special Megamerge ability which allows the character to transform into one of eight "Pseudoroid" bosses that each have a unique set of abilities. Once a boss is defeated, players can emulate their powers to find hidden routes, discover rare items and aid their battles against more powerful enemies.

The title takes full advantage of the Nintendo DS features to enhance the action-packed gameplay and story line of the popular series. With a touch of the Nintendo DS screen, players can easily switch back and forth between the Biometal and Map navigation screens. Bosses can be fought in several different ways, testing players' skills and rewarding them with nearly 24 different items depending on how they take on a boss. Further gameplay options are available as players explore and open up new areas of the map.


  • Two playable characters - play as "Grey" or "Ash", each with unique abilities and individual, but linked storylines
  • Dynamic "Biometal" system allows players to transform into several forms - eight bosses, five Biometal forms and human
  • "Area expansion" - explore and open up new areas with access to additional quests
  • Strategically beat bosses to obtain valuable rare items
  • Touch screen allows players to instantly change forms and switch between subscreens
  • Co-op and head-to-head two player wireless play (two cartridges required)
  • Two-player downloadable mini-game (one cartridge required)

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