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Product Wiki Description: In Ryuusei No Rockman 2, the Story of Surabu and War Rock continues
with Denpa Senjins, UMA's (Unidentified Mutant Animals) from the
lost continent of Mu. The Story Continues With The Return Of The
BrotherBand Sysem, and the mysterious new Tribe Forms. Tribe Forms
are gotten by collecting Ooparts (Out Of Place Artifacts) in the
Story and grants Rockman Tribe On. "Tribe On! Thunder Berserker
Rockman!" A mysterious new Rival, Solo appears, and Denpa Henkans
into the Warrior of Lonliness, Burai. This...
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Release Date (North America):Jun 24, 2008 submit new
Release Date (Europe):Nov 28, 2008 submit new
Release Date (Japan):Nov 22, 2007 submit new
Release Date (Australia):Oct 31, 2008 submit new
Perspective:First Person submit new
Themes:Fantasy, Sci-Fi (Futuristic) submit new
Publisher:Capcom submit new
Developer:Capcom submit new
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Alternate Titles:Ryuusei No RockMan 2: Berserk x Dinosaur (Import) (Japan)
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