Mega Man Battle Network 5: Double Team Action Replay Codes

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Infinite Zenny and Bugfrags (DS) North America

021715E0 000FFFFF

OK, Green Mystery Datas will be refered to as GMD.
Use this code whenever you are about to pick up a GMD and you know it has either bug frags or zenny only (not chips) and you will get max money or bug frags (if you pick up a chip the game will freeze so make sure you save before getting a GMD and if its zenny or bug frags then reset, activate the code and then pick it up... or you can just use the millions navicust program.)
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Infinite Health in Battle (DS) North America

Infinite Health in Battle

122d64bc 0000270f

Gives you Infinite Health in Battle

Custom Gauge Always Full (DS) North America

Custom Gauge Always Full

121b8650 00004000

Chips Do 9999 Damage (DS) North America

Chips Do 9999 Damage

121b86da 0000270f
021b86dc 270f270f
021b86e0 270f270f

One Hit Kills Enemies (DS) North America

One Hit Kills Enemies

822d6598 00000001
122d6598 00000001
d0000000 00000000
822d6674 00000001
122d6674 00000001
d0000000 00000000
822d6750 00000001
122d6750 00000001
d0000000 00000000

Enemies Die Instantly (DS) North America

Enemies Die Instantly

122d6598 00000000
122d6674 00000000
122d6750 00000000

Low Game Time (DS) North America

Have an extremely low play time in-game.

02167308 00001400