Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Action Replay Codes (DS)

Infinite Coins Code (DS) Europe

Infinite Coins
021a4eb4 0001869f

All powers available to purchase Code (DS) Europe

All Powers Available to Purchase
021130b4 e3a00063

Infinite Health Code (DS) Europe

Infinite Health
020d85c0 e5930388
020d85c8 e5830384
020d85d0 e1a01000

1 Hit kill Code (DS) Europe

1 Hit Kill
020d89c4 e3a00000
020d89c8 e5830384

Debug Code (DS) Europe

Debug ( Model Viewer )
021573bc 0215d1e4
94000130 ff7f0000
921ab260 00000009
121ab260 0000000a
d2000000 00000000
94000130 ffbf0000
921ab260 0000000b
121ab260 00000008
d2000000 00000000