Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games Own / Want List

Username Comments
hamsterlove None
JordanP70 None
Megamaster37 None
Pokemonrulez555 None
irock324 (almost) beat it
Lizz None
Dunnybrusher None
Ellie101 Great graphics for a DS. Fun fun fun!
Lily Flower Sprite None
Leon745 None
Neouser None
Badali826 None
chopsocky None
nnn1110 None
beboto None
atcurtis8 None
Anonymous Reborn None
RikutheHedgehog None
gemmar123 None
princessblaze320 love ultimate figure skating
rayquaza1999 None
Fayez None
chomp103 None
Shadow319 None
Wolfssbb12 None
Poppiez None
Murray 10 None
groovyduck98 Running around a bunch of different worlds doesn't have much to do with the Olympics. Just to let Nintendo and Sega know for a fact.
mypuppy None
Sildonic clemmins None
bluegreen60 None
moacyrarod None
missylovesme None
mogo None
jack2230 None
WildfireHybrid None
Eon80 None
fyrepyre None
Ziste None
kenaisme14 None
blackgbb None
Angel of Darkness52 None
cobracam77 None
Nerd31 None
baibai216 So fun!!
pokemonfan102 None
Links_spirit_23 None
mario123456789 None
datxdudexraff None
Legendary Boss Hunter So much better than the first.