The game begins with a very peaceful evening in the Mushroom Kingdom where Mario sees flying crystals in the sky. The next day, he receives a note from Bowser that contains both an apology for doing bad deeds and an invitation to his castle for a feast. Mario gathers up Luigi, Toad, Yoshi, Peach, Daisy, Wario and Waluigi to go Bowser's castle. Once they get there, Bowser uses his powers to capture and shrink all eight. The miniature eight wake up outside and go on a quest to find the star crystals to restore themselves to normal and defeat Bowser.


  • Story Mode: A single player must defeat the CPUs in several boards. * Party Mode: Up to four players play a game on a chosen board. * Mini-Game Mode: The player plays mini-games in which they have unlocked. * Puzzle Mode: The player plays one of five Mario-themed puzzle games.

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Mar 04, 12 7:45pm
Fun and all-in-all a great time. MarioPartyDS DS
Lone Lab
Dec 22, 11 9:26am
Very interesting... definitely a recommendable Mario game. MarioPartyDS DS
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Aug 17, 11 3:58pm
An admirable Mario game. MarioPartyDS DS
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This is a very fun and interesting Mario game... I just love it! MarioPartyDS DS
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Jul 26, 11 7:29pm
This is a very fun Mario game... I just love it! MarioPartyDS DS

Despite the availability of Nintendo DSi and 3DS consoles everywhere, the DS Lite is still managing to sell quite... posted May 31, 11 12:11pm

Dec 04, 10 7:18pm
if you want or need any help with this game, i can help you through ANYTHING [if you think i am exaggerating, then you LIE] MarioPartyDS DS

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Nov 15, 10 5:19pm
added a cheat
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added a cheat
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9/10 MarioPartyDS DS
Aug 28, 10 10:17am
An ok game. MarioPartyDS DS
May 30, 10 6:09am
added 4 new concept art
May 12, 10 12:01pm
The game.Mini-game choice is great! MarioPartyDS DS
May 02, 10 2:33am
This Is Pretty Fun! MarioPartyDS DS
Apr 10, 10 11:51am
My fav Mario Party! MarioPartyDS DS
Devout Avalon
Apr 09, 10 3:27am
No. MarioPartyDS DS
Jan 28, 10 7:47pm
Currently I play it online with an emulator, and it is very fun and I want it so bad. MarioPartyDS DS
  • Genre: Board Games
  • Perspective(s): Isometric
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Released
    North AmericaNov 19, 2007
    EuropeNov 23, 2007
    JapanNov 8, 2007
    AustraliaDec 6, 2007
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